Thursday, June 10, 2010

B Squad Radio

Today we´re in Melide, and despite it being Emilee´s official day to post on the blog, we, Kevin C, Mike Diamond, Katie J and Sarah wanted to share a few thoughts with our fans back home. As we are usually among the last to finish walking each day (mostly by choice), and proud occupants of top bunks each night, we have dubbed ourselves the Fordham Camino 2010 ¨B Squad.¨ Not as glamorous as the A Squad who lead the way into town, we do fulfill a few vital roles. Since we take our time travelling, we need to find ways to occupy our time. Thus, ¨B Squad Radio¨ was born, in the pouring rain somewhere between Portomarin and Palas de Rei. Here we share with you some of what we spend our time talking and thinking about. We feel we´ve produced enough innovative and entertaining discussions to fill a 24 hour talk radio station. Without any further adieu, we give you B Squad Radio: where getting there is half the fun.

First up, is a representation of everyone´s favorite aspect of Spanish culture, the incredibly overdramatic, overproduced, over the top music video. The following is the group´s collective favorite example of Spain´s greatest export since Antonio Banderas. The song is called Bulería, performed by the velvet throated god otherwise known as David Bisbal. Make sure you stick around for the anguished scream at the end, much like our own anguished screams tomorrow, as we walk thirty two kilometers through the rain and mud (we hope its mud, though there are a lot of cows around).

Second, inspired by the casting of ourselves in the roles of Lord of the Rings characters, B Squad Radio determined who will be cast as each member of our own group in the inevitable film adaptation Steven Speilberg´s Fordham Camino 2010: The Major Motion Picture Event. (In 3D, naturally.)

What follows is the tentative cast list, and a few backups, in case artistic differences split apart the original crew:

Dr Richard Gyug: Anthony Perkins (Backup: William Hurt)
Lucy: Gwyneth Paltrow (Backup: The Ghost of Ingrid Bergman)
Elizabeth: Liv Tyler
Katie B: Heather Graham circa 1997
Reed: Bradley Cooper (Young Reed (in a flashback): Zach Efron)
Diana: Reese Witherspoon
Colleen: Joan Cusack
Emilee: Sandra Bullock
Maryann: Rosario Dawson
Kevin S: A Back to the Future-era Michael J Fox
Mike: Keanu Reeves
Katie J: Charlize Theron (Only because Katie broke the ¨don´t try to cast yourself¨ rule so many times that we were completely out of ideas for her, since she had said every talented and attractive actress working today.)
Kevin C: Joel McHale
And Natalie Portman as Sarah Mutter

This has been B Squad Radio: We´ll get there when we get there.

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  1. Zissou: "We'll split into two groups. I'll take Ned, Ogata, and Wolodarsky."

    Klaus: "...Thanks. Thanks a lot for not picking me."

    Zissou: "We're in the middle of a lightning strike rescue op, Klaus. What's the deal?"

    Klaus: "I'm sick of being on "B" squad."

    Zissou: "You might be on "B" Squad,'re the "B" Squad leader!"